WATCH: Marvin's attempt at flirting with Amber on Love Island is so wonderfully cringy 3 years ago

WATCH: Marvin's attempt at flirting with Amber on Love Island is so wonderfully cringy

Smooth as sandpaper. Even if you don't watch the show, this is great.

Love Island is in full swing and if you don't watch the show, that's grand.


Of course, there's always going to be people that absolutely hate the show and feel the need to voice an opinion that it's shite, which is, erm, interesting.

Anyway, each to their own we say and after enthralling us all with a few geography lessons over the weekend, it's now the time for some dating advice, courtesy of a contestant named Marvin.

Some background for those that aren't in the loop:

At present, Marvin is coupled up with Ireland's own Maura Higgins but the relationship seems doomed because the lady from Longford fancies another lad in the villa, Curtis.


As you may know, the point of the show is to get to the last stages where a cash prize is on offer and, you know, the chance of finding love. Awwww!

Well, if Marvin wants to stay in with a chance of winning, he needs to find a new partner that can return his affections because it looks like he and Maura aren't going to last.

Amber, meanwhile, is newly single because the fella that she was seeing, Michael, decided to crack on with another girl.

Still with us? Great.


After knowing each other for a few weeks, Marvin never really told Amber that he fancied her because, as he says, she was dating someone else (Michael) when they met and it wouldn't have been right to hit on a girl that's in a relationship.

Fair enough.

However, after waiting all this time to tell Amber that he fancied her, you would think that Marvin had it all planned out.

You know, a few nice compliments, a deep and meaningful chat, maybe a few laughs thrown in for good measure, a bit of flirting, and hopefully, some chemistry.


What unfolded was a bit of a car crash as he said things like "I can say I fancy you but not that I like you," "You intrigue me" and "I still feel like you (Amber) fancy me a bit".

We're still rooting for them.

There was also some weird chat when he said that Amber was like a locked door that had a few damaged locks.

"You intrigue me. You’re like that locked door that I kind of want to know what’s behind. It’s got a few locks on it and a few cracks at the bottom that are slightly damaged," he said.



Anyway, take a look at some of Marvin's magic moments below.

Dating, eh?

The online reaction was intriguing enough in its own right...