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28th Feb 2023

Several Love Island stars set to be axed in shock mass dumping

Charlie Herbert

Love Island

It’s set to be ‘the most dramatic moment yet’

Several Love Island stars are reportedly set to be dumped from the villa as part of shock plans from show bosses.

Maya Jama will apparently be returning to the villa to break the news to the islanders, which will leave many of the contestants at risk.

A source told the Sun: “It’ll be the most dramatic moment yet when Maya walks in and reveals that several of the cast are heading home.

“It’s brutal as it’s less than two weeks from the final but everyone is in danger of getting dumped. There are some really tough decisions to be made. If fans thought Casa Amor and Movie Night were must-watch episodes – this will be a whole new level of drama.”

It’s always a big deal if host Maya is on her way to the villa, and on Monday she posted pictures from the departures lounge at an airport, where she was enjoying a glass of champagne.


This was followed by one of her in Cape Town, South Africa.

The current winter series of Love Island is being filmed in a villa just outside of the South African city.

It looks like Maya will be paying the South African villa a visit soon (@mayajama/Instagram)

‘That’s the thing I feel worst about’

The twist look set to leave Will and Jessie, Lana and Ron, Shaq and Tanya, Kai and Sanam, Tom and Samie, Olivia and Maxwell, Claudia and Keanan, and Casey and new bombshell Rosie all at risk.

Monday night’s episode saw Casey and Claudia officially call it quits on their romance, after Casey became close with new arrival Rosie.

Claudia was left in tears during last night’s episode after Casey confirmed his head had been fully turned and he was going to start pursuing Rosie. Casey came to find Claudia and said: “Sorry if you felt pushed aside but, for me, there’s more of a connection there with Rosie.” Casey continued:

“I’m really really sorry and that’s the thing I feel worst about,” and Claudia replied: “It’s just so hard for me because I genuinely really liked you.

“Now I’m just going to have to deal with it. Watching the guy I like, like someone else. It’s hard. You obviously didn’t feel that way about me before.”

Casey and Claudia have called it a day (ITV)

Standing up and leaving, she added: ”Not much more to say from me, it’s fine. Let’s just leave it. I wish you the best. That’s it.”

Many fans took to Twitter claiming Claudia was overreacting about the whole thing as the two hadn’t been together that long. One person wrote: “Claudia acting like he proposed and broke it off the day before the wedding.”

Another said: “No one else in the villa has made THIS big of a deal, when their partner is getting to know someone else, when it’s been this early on, Claudia needs to get a grip!”

While some were team Casey, a lot of people could resonate with Claudia’s feelings even if the relationship hadn’t lasted that long. One said: “Absolutely love how the girls have got her back! Team Claudia all the way.”

Another said: “Unpopular opinion it seems but, I completely get where Claudia is coming from.. we see 1 hour of their 24 hours. And Casey could have been honest to her and told her yesterday that he was leaning towards Rosie. Because he knew. So I’m team Claudia on this one.”

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