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16th Mar 2017

Has Maisie Williams let slip that a major character will be killed in Season 7 of Game of Thrones?


Now we know what you’re thinking.

Game of Thrones writers, killing off one of their major characters? That doesn’t sound like them.’

As unthinkable as this might be, that’s exactly what appears to be in store for viewers of the hit show’s seventh season… and it’s all Maisie Williams’ fault.

Maisie plays the role of Arya Stark in the fantasy series, sister of Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner.

According to reports, the 19-year-old let slip that her onscreen sister is set to meet her makers in the soon-to-be aired series when speaking at SXSW in Texas on Sunday.

News18 have picked up on tweets from the A Storm of Spoilers Twitter page, which claim that Maisie was discussing the penultimate season of GoT alongside showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss when she was asked why Sophie Turner had recently been seen with her natural blonde hair, not the red hair of her character, Sansa.

“She’s dead,” was her apparent response, followed by an ‘awkward silence’ from the rest of the panel.
And we’re not done there, either. A second tweet claims that after leaking the information, Benioff was heard reassuring the actress that those in the audience wouldn’t be sharing the information…
At this point, we should say that this by no means actually means that Sansa is set to snuff it. It could simply be an exercise to prompt a bit more intrigue for the new season (as if it needed it). It’s also completely possible that this is all a load of bollocks, designed purely to get a few more people following a Twitter account.
Either way, we’re sure that if you’ve bothered to read this, you’ll be one of those that’s tuning in to find out when the show returns to our screens later this year.

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