Marriage or Mortgage is Netflix's latest bonkers reality show 1 year ago

Marriage or Mortgage is Netflix's latest bonkers reality show

Strangely enough, we predict it will be a hit...

Reality shows have always been odd, but it feels as though they're getting weirder and weirder as time goes on.


In the past 12 months alone, we've had Love Is Blind (which saw people GET ENGAGED, without having seen each other), and Too Hot To Handle (where contestants would be paid not to touch each other in a sexual way).

But this might be the strangest concept we've heard in a while.

Marriage or Mortgage will follow couples and make them choose between the wedding of their dreams or the house of a lifetime.

"The best part of being a wedding planner is being able to create these huge moments for my couples," we hear someone say in the trailer.


Based on the popularity of the reality dating shows we mentioned earlier on top of Selling Sunset, we actually expect this to be quite the hit.

Based on the price of houses in Dublin at the minute, it would be a quick and easy decision for this writer...


Marriage or Mortgage will arrive on Netflix on 10 March.