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12th Jul 2022

Arnie’s most iconic role is among the movies on TV tonight

Hugh Carr

movies on tv 12 july

Consider any other plans terminated.

The weather is still so, so warm.

Even though we haven’t been able to see much of it, the sun has really been heating up the place over the last while.

Fans are on, windows are open, and now… time to turn on the telly?

Here’s JOE’s top picks for the movies on the small screen this Tuesday (12 July).

Red Sparrow – Film4 – 9pm

Jennifer Lawrence stars as a Russian intelligence agent who uses her… unique skills to target a CIA agent.

The Terminator – ITV4 – 9pm

Our top pick for tonight is one of the most iconic films of the 80s, and for good reasons.

The less said about the later sequels, the better, but the OG story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator heading back in time to kill the saviour of mankind is still a thrilling piece of sci-fi action.

Deadly special effects, great performances, and that iconic soundtrack. Well worth a watch.

Heist – Great! Movies – 9pm

Controversial writer David Mamet’s biggest commercial hit, which sees Gene Hackman being forced to do one last job to get out of the criminal game for good.

The Furies – Film4 – 11.45pm

A bit of horror with a touch of Greek mythology thrown in to boot. Fairly decent.

Get Carter – Turner Classic Movies – 11.45pm

Michael Caine is an angry gangster seeking revenge following the death of his brother. A film for fans of propa’ geeza’s.

Jack Reacher – Virgin Media Two – 12.35am

Before Top Gun: Maverick blew our minds this summer, the team of Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie brought us this adaptation of the Lee Child’s book.

The Witch: Part One – The Subversion – Film4 – 1.25am

An excellent South Korean sci-fi horror film. And in case you were wondering, thereĀ isĀ a part two, and it just came out last month.

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