A stress-inducing music drama is among the movies on TV tonight 1 year ago

A stress-inducing music drama is among the movies on TV tonight

"Were you rushing or dragging?"

The good weather has well and truly come to an end.


You know the summer is over when you had to decide which fleece you were going to wear into work today.

Tonight's a night to stay in, no doubt about it.

And what better way to spend the night than with a great film?

Here's JOE's top picks for the movies on TV this Tuesday (16 August).


Kevin and Perry Go Large - Comedy Central - 9pm

The boys go to Ibiza in this cult British comedy.

Anna - Film4 - 9pm

You'd think an action film directed by Luc Besson (Léon The Professional, The Fifth Element) and featuring Cillian Murphy would be pretty good. It isn't.


Full Metal Jacket - Turner Classic Movies - 9pm

War is hell, and Stanley Kubrick is going to prove it to you.

Whiplash - Great! Movies - 9pm

Our top pick tonight is an excellent watch, but my God, is it a stressful one.


Miles Teller (of recent Top Gun: Maverick fame) stars as a jazz drummer who aims to be the very best in the world.

This comes, however, with no small cost, including emotional torture from one of the scariest teachers put to film, in an Oscar winning performance from J.K. Simmons.

Unsurprisingly, the soundtrack is great, and the final 15 minutes are unforgettable. Well worth a watch.

The World's End - ITV4 - 9pm

The emotionally charged finale to the Cornetto Trilogy.


Let Us Prey - Horror Channel - 10.50pm

An Irish/Scottish horror flick starring Liam Cunningham as a very spooky stranger in a police station in the Highlands.

The Conversation - BBC Two - 11.15pm

Francis Ford Coppola directs this thriller featuring Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall, and a young Harrison Ford.

Zombieland - Film4 - 11.20pm

The second best zom-com (or zombie comedy, to those in the biz), along with a now-legendary Bill Murray cameo.

Enigma - Great! Movies Classic - 11.25pm

Martin Sheen and Sam Neill star in this Cold War thriller.