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21st Jul 2022

A creative post-apocalyptic horror is among the movies on TV

Hugh Carr

movies on tv 21 july

Don’t make a sound…

After such a lovely weekend, it’s starting to cool down once again.

Which means more nights in, and more lazy evenings.

So put away that disposable barbecue, and sit inside in the warmth.

Anyway, there’s loads of great films to watch.

Here’s JOE’s top picks for the best movies on TV this Thursday (21 July).

Zathura: A Space Adventure – Film4 – 6.55pm

Did you know that this film was a Jumanji spin-off?

Now, Voyager – BBC4 – 8.45pm

She’s got Bette Davis eyes…

Underwater – Film4 – 9pm

Kristen Stewart fights an Eldritch beast. Chaos ensues.

Prometheus – Great! Movies – 9pm

Kerryman Michael Fassbender stars as a robot in this Alien prequel.

The Chronicles of Riddick – ITV4 – 9pm

Richard B. Riddick returns once again.

Transformers – Sky Showcase – 10pm

The robots in disguise make the leap to live-action in this Michael Bay blockbuster.

Spring – Horror Channel – 10.45pm

Top tip; if you’re going abroad to meet up with someone, make sure they aren’t a 2,000 year old mutant before you leave the house.

A Quiet Place – Film4 – 10.55pm

Our top pick for tonight is a creative horror film which paved the way for films to ask “what if you couldn’t use one of your senses?”.

John Krasinski stars and directs this post-apocalyptic nightmare, a far cry from looking directly into cameras and selling paper in one of the most successful comedies of the 21st century.

The film was nominated for a myriad of awards, between Oscars, Emmys, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role win for Emily Blunt.

The sound design is phenomenal, and those final 20 minutes are an emotional rollercoaster. Well worth a viewing.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle – Channel 5 – 11pm

A freaky psychological thriller starring Annabella Sciorra and Rebecca De Mornay.

Collateral Damage – ITV4 – 11.25pm

Don’t mess with Arnie.

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