Here are the best movies on TV today 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV today

Sunday is perfect for a film and there are some great movies on TV today.

To quote Joey's famous line in Friends "inside good, outside bad." Well, that's definitely true for this weekend as Storm Dennis arrives in Ireland but we've got some shelter from the storm.

Bob Dylan would be proud of us.

What are we talking about? Oh yes, films!

Lots and lots of films.

Here are the best movies on TV today.

Ice Age: The Meltdown - 2.50pm on Channel 4

Manny, Sid, and Diego discover that the ice age is coming to an end, and join everybody for a journey to higher ground. On the trip, they discover that Manny, in fact, is not the last of the woolly mammoths.

Let's be honest, it's all about Scrat.

Shrek the Third - 3.20pm on BBC1

The third one.

Space Jam - 3.30pm on ITV2

MonSTARS vs the Looney Tunes. A sequel to this cult-classic is coming.

Back to the Future - 4.25pm on Film4

"Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"

Liar Liar - 5.15pm on ITV2

Jim Carrey is on blistering form in this story that we wish was true of all lawyers. The outtakes at the final credits are hilarious too.

The Devil Wears Prada - 6.50pm on E4

Streep, Blunt, Hathaway. This story of a boss from hell is extremely good.

Coyote Ugly - 7pm on ITV2

We're still refusing to fight the moonlight. Cheesy as hell but it still draws a fanbase.

Lost Lives - 9pm on BBC1

Excellent documentary on The Troubles that's inspired by the book of the same name, it records the circumstances of every man, woman and child who died in the conflict.

Deepwater Horizon - 9pm on Film4

A dramatisation of the disaster in April 2010, when the offshore drilling rig called the Deepwater Horizon exploded, resulting in the worst oil spill in American history.

Nominated for two Oscars, Peter Berg's drama is far better than you'd think and boasts a great cast with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, and Kurt Russell all starring.

The Wedding Singer - 9pm on Comedy Central

Without a doubt, one of the most underrated romcoms of all time. Sandler and Barrymore have fantastic lines, it's brimming with great gags, brilliant supporting characters, and i boasts a superb soundtrack.

The Martian - 9pm on E4

An astronaut becomes stranded on Mars after his team assume him dead, and must rely on his ingenuity to find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

Matt Damon is excellent in Ridley Scott's drama that's definitely worth seeing.

American Sniper - 10pm on ITV4


Idiocracy - 11.05pm on Film4

Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes five centuries in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive.

Right now, the satire feels far too close to the truth.

Men in Black 3 - 11.15pm on Channel 4

Agent J travels in time to M.I.B.'s early days in 1969 to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.

Not quite as good as the first one but still miles better than the terrible sequel.