An underrated sci-fi flick is among the movies on TV tonight 5 months ago

An underrated sci-fi flick is among the movies on TV tonight

It was produced by Steven Spielberg.

There's some great options for something to watch this Wednesday evening, including one of the best shows of the decade being added to Netflix. If that's not to your liking however, there's also a great selection of movies on TV tonight. From sci-fi classics to modern comedies, it won't be too long before you find a flick. Take a look below at the our top picks for later.


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Film4 - 6.45pm

The second film in the Star Trek film series sees Admiral Kirk go up against his old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh to stop him from acquiring a powerful terraforming device named Genesis.

Push - Great! Movies - 7pm

This glitzy 2009 superhero film focuses on a group of superheroes who group together to take down a government agency trying to create an army of super-soldiers. Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning star.


Deadpool 2 - Film4 - 9pm

The foul-mouthed superhero returns once again to form the X-Force to protect a young mutant from the time-traveling soldier Cable (played by Josh Brolin).

Super 8 - Great! Movies - 9pm

Movies on TV - Super 8 (2011)


Our pick of the movies on TV tonight is this underrated sci-fi flick. Directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by none other than Steven Spielberg, Super 8 follows a group of kids in 1979 who are filming their own movie when a train derails, releasing a dangerous presence into their town.

If you're into classic 80's childhood films like E.T., Stand by Me, or The Goonies, then this is right up your street, it gives off a great whiff of nostalgia. While critically acclaimed and a box office success at the time, Super 8 hasn't really got the recognition it deserves over the last few years and may be under some people's radars.

Jaws - ITV4 - 10pm

Whenever it's on, it's always worth rewatching this classic Spielberg horror from 1975, unless you have a fear of sharks, or water, or scary fishermen. Centering around the island of Amity which becomes plagued by a man-eating Great White Shark, Jaws sees a police chief who, with the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter, attempt to hunt down the beast.


Demolition Man - Turner Classic Movies - 10.55pm

Sylvester Stallone stars in this 1993 sci-fi flick about a police officer who is thawed from his cryogenically frozen state in the year 2032 to hunt down his violent nemesis.

Man on Fire - Film4 - 11.20pm

One of the movies on TV tonight follows a former US government operative who swears revenge on those responsible for the kidnapping of a nine-year-old he swore to protect in Mexico City.

Death Race - ITV4 - 12.40pm


A sequel/prequel to the 1975 film Death Race 2000, Death Race follows ex-con Jensen Ames (Jason Statham), who is forced to compete in the world's most popular sport: murderous car-racing.

Keeping up with the Joneses - Channel 4 -1.55am

Action comedy about a couple who get caught up in an international conspiracy after they start to suspect their neighbours are secret agents. Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot star.

They Live - Film4 - 2.10pm

Based on the 1963 short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning", John Carpenter's cult classic They Live follows an unnamed drifter who discovers through special sunglasses that the ruling class are aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people through subliminal messages in mass media.

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