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28th Feb 2023

One of the better sequels of recent years is among the movies on TV tonight

Stephen Porzio

It’s a movie that blends comedy, horror and sci-fi.

Need a movie to watch this Tuesday evening? Well JOE has gone ahead and compiled this list of the films on TV tonight just for your pleasure.

Happy Death Day 2U – Film4 – 9pm

The first Happy Death Day was released in 2017, with the comedy slasher focusing on a college student named Tree (a charming Jessica Rothe) who is murdered on the night of her birthday. Yet, somehow she finds herself reliving the day of her death repeatedly, at which point she sets out to find her killer and prevent herself from dying.

After receiving solid reviews and grossing a whopping $125.5 million on a budget of just $4.8 million, a sequel came out two years later, this time delving into why Tree went into the time loop, with the college student eventually finding her life threatened again in a parallel universe which is similar to her own but with key differences.

While it’s notoriously difficult for sequels to recapture the magic of the original that inspired them, Happy Death Day 2U also received very good reviews – with both films in the franchise receiving a 71% Rotten Tomatoes score.

The movie was praised by critics for Rothe’s comedic and likable performance, as well as for its ambitious sci-fi twist. Fans of the series, meanwhile, are still calling for a third film.

The Bourne Ultimatum – Sky Showcase – 9pm

The third and maybe best entry of Matt Damon-led action franchise.

This is 40 – Comedy Central – 9pm

Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd lead the cast of this “sort-of sequel” to Knocked Up.

Lethal Weapon 4 – Turner Classic Movies – 9pm

As of now, the final entry in the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover-fronted buddy cop franchise.

Shout at the Devil – Legend – 9pm

An American colonel (Lee Marvin) and a British aristocrat (Roger Moore) set out to destroy a German battleship during World War I in this ’70s film.

Happy Death Day

Our pick for tonight is Happy Death Day 2U

Creed – RTÉ2 – 9.30pm

With Creed III in cinemas now – you can check out JOE’s review right here and our interviews with the cast at this link – what better time to check out or revisit the first entry in the series of Rocky spin-offs.

Rain Man – BBC One – 10.40pm

Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise star in this Oscar Best Picture winner.

30 Days of Night – Horror Xtra – 10.45pm

This extremely underrated horror flick follows the residents (including Josh Hartnett) of an Alaskan town beset by vampires as it enters into a thirty-day-long polar night.

Meet the Parents – Film4 – 11pm

Robert De Niro shows off his comedy chops in this fun movie about the horror of meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

Hard to Kill – Turner Classic Movies – 11.40pm

Steven Seagal is a detective that is hard to kill in this 1990 action movie.

Paranormal Activity – Legend – 11.55pm

The micro-budget found footage horror that launched a hit franchise.

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