A near-perfect heartwarming comedy is among the movies on TV tonight 2 months ago

A near-perfect heartwarming comedy is among the movies on TV tonight

The movie scored 97% on Rotten Tomatoes upon release in cinemas.

Your movies options tonight including 20 new additions to Netflix or 12 new additions to Prime Video or one of the following movies you can choose from the TV listings...


Ghostbusters - FilmFour - 6.20pm
The all-lady remake features a great cast but only some okay comedic ideas, and the entire ending is just a CGI mess. Still, not the worst movie ever.

Captain Phillips - BBC Three - 9pm
Tom Hanks deserved the Best Actor Oscar for this incredibly tense recreation of an at-sea hostage situation from the director of the best Bourne movies.

The Farewell - FilmFour - 9pm


Our pick for tonight is The Farewell, a heartwarming and heartbreaking comedy drama with a fantastic 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. It tells the story of a young woman (Awkwafina) who heads back home to her family in China when discovering that her grandmother (Shuzhen Zhao) hasn't got long left to live. However, the entire family has decided to keep this information from the grandmother herself, wanting to keep things as seemingly normal as possible for the short time they've all got left together. If you miss it on TV tonight, The Farewell is also available to rent on Apple TV.


Shuzhen Zhao and Awkwafina star as grandmother and granddaughter in the lovely The Farewell.

SAS: Red Notice - Sky Showcase - 9.45pm
A pretty decent cast features in this low-budget action adaptation of Andy McNabb's very popular novel.


Aftermath - Legend - 10.55pm
One of the rare "serious" roles for Arnie, where he tries to get revenge on the air traffic controller he blames for the mid-air collision that resulted in the death of his wife and child.

Bad Teacher - FilmFour - 10.55pm
Cameron Diaz goes all-out for this raunchy comedy about a lazy teacher who gets the hots for her new colleague (Justin Timberlake).

Allied - FilmFour - 12.45am
The dictionary definition of something not being the sum of its parts. A sexy spy thriller with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard from the director of What Lies Beneath and Cast Away. Disappointingly dull.

Cell - Legend - 12.50am
John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson star in this adaptation of the hit Stephen King book about a killer phone signal. It is terrible.


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