A superhero film from the writer of Breaking Bad is among the movies on TV tonight 3 weeks ago

A superhero film from the writer of Breaking Bad is among the movies on TV tonight

A good mix of flicks for your Wednesday evening!

What a week for movies! Netflix has added 22 huge movies to its library this week and Prime Video has also added 42 movies for you to enjoy, and then there are all of these movies on TV tonight!


Rocky Balboa - ITV4 - 9pm

The sixth Rocky movie, and the final one before the series was essentially rebooted by the Creed series. This one is actually pretty good, racking up an impressive 77% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fisherman's Friends - FilmFour - 9pm

A music exec hears a group of fishermen singing while he's on a stag, and becomes convinced he can turn them into a hit musical act. Convincing the fishermen themselves proves to be more difficult. A nice enough comedy drama.


Red Sonja - Legend - 9pm

Brigitte Nielsen was hoping this could be her Conan, even though Arnie is in this movie, confusingly not playing Conan. Regardless, it is a bad movie, but has its big cult following.

Homefront - Sky Showcase - 9.45pm

A retired DEA agent (Jason Statham) has his quiet life turned upside down when he crosses paths with a local drug kingpin (James Franco). A pretty average action thriller.


The Possession - Sky Sci-Fi - 11pm

Horror legend Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Drag Me To Hell) produces this horror about a young girl who becomes obsessed with an antique box she discovers at a yard sale. It is not a good movie, but there are still some scares to be found.

Hancock - FilmFour - 11.15pm


Our pick of the night is Hancock, a superhero movie from the writer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and from the director of Patriot's Day and Deepwater Horizon. In the movie, Will Smith plays a superpowered being who has become bored of saving the world, tired of being blamed for the collateral damage caused by him saving lives, which means humanity has basically turned on him. That all changes when a PR guy (Jason Bateman) and his wife (Charlize Theron) take it upon themselves to give Hancock a total image makeover.

Hancock is also available to watch on Netflix or with a NOW Cinema Membership.

Everything, Everything - BBC Three - 11.20pm

BBC Three are showing this movie a lot this week for some reason. It is a romantic drama about a teenage girl who has an immune disease which prohibits her from ever leaving her home safely, but problems arise when she falls in love with the boy next door.

Odd Thomas - Legend - 11.25pm


The late Anton Yelchin headlines this supernatural thriller about a cook who can see the dead, and is forced to put his powers to use when a killer arrives in his town.

Patti Cake$ - FilmFour - 1.05am

Bored of her life, a woman suddenly decides she wants to become a famous rapper. With 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, this drama could be worth staying up for.

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