Arguably the scariest film of the decade is among the movies on TV tonight 2 weeks ago

Arguably the scariest film of the decade is among the movies on TV tonight

If you've never seen this one, prepare yourself...

A jammed night of movies on TV this evening, starting with...


Gods Of Egypt - FilmFour - 6.35pm

Gerard Butler plays an evil Egyptian god (!?!), fighting his half-brother - that guy from Game of Thrones - in this absolutely bonkers, really quite bad, but holy moly is it watchable action epic.

Ghost in the Shell - E4 - 9pm

Scar-Jo headlines this sci-fi action thriller, as a cyborg agent with a memory problem. It is absolutely beautiful looking, but not as exciting as it should be.


The Break-Up - Comedy Central - 9pm

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn star in this anti-rom-com about a couple who are forced to still live together even after they've broken up.

Fast & Furious 7 - ITV2 - 9pm

With the arrival of Fast X in cinemas this week, why not check out the second best movie in the franchise so far (after Fast Five).


Hereditary - FilmFour - 9pm

Our pick for the best of the movies on TV tonight is this 2018 psychological horror in which a mother (Toni Collette, delivering the performance of a lifetime) begins to suspect there is something off within her own home following the death of her mother. Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff and Ann Dowd fill out the impressive cast, but this movie is all about the mood... and the very sudden shocks. There is a reason why many consider this to be one of - if not THE - best horror movie of the last decade or so.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - TG4 - 9.05pm

So many brilliant people involved in this one (Sam Peckinpah, James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan) for the end product to be actually not all that great.


Richard Jewell - RTÉ2 - 9.30pm

Clint Eastwood directs this very tense drama telling the true story of a security guard (played to perfection by Paul Walter Hauser) who helped to stop a terrorist attack, only to become the primary suspect in the attack himself.

Jackass 3 - Comedy Central Extra - 10pm


Grown men hurt each other in original ways. Never not funny.

48 Hrs. - FilmFour - 11.35pm

Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte star in this very entertaining action comedy about a robber and a cop working together to take down a bigger criminal.

Demolition Man - TCM - 11.35pm

Sylvester Stallone really wanted this to be his Total Recall. It isn't as good as that, but thanks to some brilliant support by Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes, it is still A LOT of fun.

The Great Gatsby - RTÉ One - 11.40pm

Leonardo DiCaprio and director Baz Luhrmann reunite after Romeo & Juliet for this opulent retelling of the classic story of a man living a lonely life due to his own riches.

Conan the Barbarian - ITV4 - 12.05am

Arnie puts his muscles to good use in those fantasy action movie which basically has the same plot as Gladiator.

Trading Places - Channel 4 - 12.10am

Eddie Murphy again, this time starring in one of the funniest comedies from the 80s, along with Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis. It is a bit too Christmassy to be watching in this weather, mind...

Weird Science - BBC One - 12.35am

Another classic 80s movie, this time with two teenage boys creating their dream woman on their computer, only to accidentally bring her to life.

Escape From New York - FilmFour - 1.30am

And we end on ANOTHER classic 80s movie, with Kurt Russell as a hardened criminal, hired to help save the President from New York City, which has been converted into a huge prison. So much fun.

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