Fast X director plans to set Fast & Furious 11 scenes in Ireland 9 months ago

Fast X director plans to set Fast & Furious 11 scenes in Ireland

He also thinks Ireland is specifically responsible for a major part of the new blockbuster.

The Fast and the Furious was filmed in Los Angeles. 2 Fast 2 Furious moved the action slightly, to Miami. Tokyo Drift, as you can imagine, was set in Japan. Fast & Furious took place in Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.


Fast Five was set primarily in Brazil. Fast & Furious 6 took us to London and Spain, while Furious 7 added Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates to the list. Fast & Furious 8 travelled to Cuba, New York, Russia and Germany, and F9 took on Edinburgh, Georgia (the country, not the American state)... and the international space station.

We're now on to Fast X, which sees the gang revisit some famous locales from the previous movies, and add even more to passport stamps: Portugal, Italy, Antarctica! Ten movies in, and not a single car chase has been set in Ireland yet? For shame. Although, when JOE sat down with director Louis Leterrier, that could be all about to change!

With Vin Diesel having accidentally (??) revealed that there will actually be two more entries in the franchise after this one, there is plenty of scope to bring these blockbusters to the Irish shores. So we asked Leterrier outstraight, what do we have to do to get Diesel and the gang to have a big exciting car chase in Ireland?


Leterrier told us: "Listen, you have great roads, you have great characters, actors, amazing scenery. Why aren't we shooting in Ireland right now, that is what I want to know. Yeah, let's go! Just suggest to me some areas where we should shoot, and yeah, absolutely, I'll come."

"It would be great to come to Ireland. I mean, our plan is that by the time we're done with Fast and Furious, to have gone through on the seven continents, and to have visited everything and to have visited every part of the world, and Ireland is so important, we need to go there. And I know Jason Momoa will have a good time."

And he's right, Momoa would indeed enjoy his time in Ireland. Especially since the actor, who is playing Fast X's primary antagonist Dante Reyes, is a fan of a particular Irish product. Leterrier adds:

"Actually, I do think that the fuel of Dante is Guinness. I think Ireland has so much to do with his performance. So thank you, Ireland, thank you for that."


Fast X arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 19 May, with Fast X: Part 2 due to arrive in 2025. There is no confirmation of Fast X: Part 3, but watch this space!

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