Narcos creator discusses the possibility of Narcos: Ireland 1 month ago

Narcos creator discusses the possibility of Narcos: Ireland

The writer told JOE that he fancies living in Dublin to research the idea.We'd love to see this happen.

During a recent interview with JOE to promote Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico, showrunner/creator Eric Newman was clear about who he thinks is the biggest star throughout the show's five seasons.

Nope, it's not Wagner Moura's superb turn as Pablo Escobar, or Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal's performances as Murphy and Peña. Hell, you could argue that Diego Luna's coldblooded and calculated performance as Felix Gallardo would make him the show's main attraction.

Nope, according to Newman, the main star of Narcos is cocaine.

From day one, cocaine has been the main catalyst for the events which have unfolded in the Netflix drama but to quote The Wire: "You follow drugs, you get drug addicts and drug dealers. But you start to follow the money, and you don't know where the fuck it's gonna take you."

Well, over the course of five seasons, Narcos has taken viewers to the Colombian jungles, bustling favelas, decadent mansions, houses of parliament, the slums of Mexico, and even the power corridors of Washington.

Simply put, narcotics is an international business and while the main focus of Narcos has been Latin America and the US, the show has endless possibilities.

Drugs are in every country. By that logic, you could make a Narcos show about every single country in the world.

When JOE had the chance to chat with Newman, we had to know if he's tempted to move Narcos beyond the US and Latin America.

"Yes, going even more international is something that we've thought about. You know, where else could the show go? What's unique about Latin America is that it's where a lot of narcotics comes from. It's as essential to the cocaine business as America is as a market for cocaine, that's one of the more overlooked ideas in the drug war. Like, who are we (the US) to tell them that they can't sell the thing that we want the most in the world? But I do love international stories. Like, I loved Top Boy and Gomorrah, they're two of my favourite shows. Yes, taking the show international is definitely worth thinking about, but for me to get excited about it, I would have to find a way for us to say something that we haven't said yet."

When asked in jest if he fancied coming to Dublin to research the potential of Narcos: Ireland, Newman was open to the idea.

"You know what I want to do, if I could do anything? I'd like to move to Dublin and live for six months and think about it. That's my dream, I'd love it," said Newman.

For fans of the show, Newman's views on the storylines for a potential new season and the Narcos shared universe are quite interesting.