Netflix about to unleash new dating show with extremely weird twist 7 months ago

Netflix about to unleash new dating show with extremely weird twist

One to watch with your favourite sibling.



Apart from true crime documentaries and increasingly throwaway blockbusters with extravagant budgets, Netflix is pretty well-established as a go-to destination for reality and dating shows.

Love Is Blind was a huge hit. The understated and underrated Dating Around deserves another season so can we commission that one, please? The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, Love on the Spectrum... they've all bothered your queue at one stage or another, most likely.

And now, Netflix is putting a new, quite creepy if we're honest, spin on the reality dating phenomenon. Step forward Dated & Related, which... yes, the title does rather give the game way. Get your mind out of the gutter, though, it's not that objectionable.

Deep breath. Taking place in "the most romantic country in the world" – France, apparently  – the new project kicks off in September and will focus on a series of hopeful bright young things who are looking to find love.


So far, so Love Island. The big juicy hook? Anyone looking for romance will be accompanied by their brother or sister, who are also in the market for a partner.

So it's not quite the most popular category on the porn sites you definitely don't visit, then. Still, it sounds – and looks, per the trailer below – fairly awkward, but mostly in that forced 'we're trying really hard to make you react' kind of way.

All 10 episodes of Dated & Related drop on Netflix on Friday, 2 September. Watch it with a family member, why not.


Clip via Netflix