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22nd Apr 2023

This Netflix horror series is still terrifying viewers years after its release

Callum Boyle

By Callum Boyle

Despite the streamer cancelling the show after one season in 2019, the series continues to attract new viewers.

Years after it first hit Netflix, the French horror series Marianne continues to attract new viewers and leave them terrified.

Released in 2019, the show follows Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois), a hit young horror author who returns to her hometown. However, there she discovers that an evil spirit that haunted her dreams years ago has started causing trouble in the real world.

While Marianne earned rave reviews – it currently holds a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score – the streamer axed the series after its eight-episode first season.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, its creator Samuel Bodin said that while the show did very well internationally, the number of people in France that finished the series was not enough to justify more episodes.

This is all the more a shame given that Bodin had big plans for the future of Marianne, stating: “At the time, I really wanted to do three seasons. The story in my head takes three seasons, three acts for me. Three big chapters.”


However, even though the series has been out for the best part of three years, TV enthusiasts are still discovering the show and being left petrified.

“Just finished watching Marianne on Netflix and it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever watched in my whole f*****g life,” wrote one fan.

Another said: “Just finished the first episode of Netflix’s Marianne and I am scared for my life. Good start!”

A third tweeted: “Horror fans: I’m definitely late… but, I just watched Marianne on Netflix and it was GOOD! Some parts were a little dorky but the series provided some good scary moments. It’s worth checking out the first few eps to see if you like it.”

Marianne’s first season is still streaming on Netflix. You can check out its trailer right here:

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