Netflix has just added an excellent sporting drama hidden gem 4 months ago

Netflix has just added an excellent sporting drama hidden gem

And it's only 90 minutes long!

We're fans of Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam here at JOE, and honestly think he's a pretty underrated, sometimes unfairly criticised actor.


So when an opportunity arises to sing his praises via a 'just been added to a streaming platform' underrated and under-seen gem, well, we're going to grab that with both hands.

Hands are a key element in Jungleland, a 2020 drama that's just hit Netflix in recent days and one that we believe deserves a bit more attention.

Named for the Bruce Springsteen song that closes his 1975 classic Born to Run album, Jungleland tells the two of two brothers; Stanley (Hunnam), an ex-con and manager of his talented former professional boxer brother Lion (played by Skins actor Jack O'Connell).

By day, the brothers work a dead-end job. By night, Stanley oversees Lion's participation in undergound boxing matches. The pair are in debt to a local gangster and are forced to complete a task – they must drive a girl named Sky (Jessica Barden) to Reno and take part in a fight of the gangster's choosing.


Along the way, complications and tensions arise, not to mention an uneasy attraction between Lion and Sky. Can the under-pressure Stanley keep it all together?

'Charle Hunnam brings dirtbag energy to Jungleland'

Jungleland boasts some excellent performances, not least from Hunnam who once again shows what he can do in the right role. Here's what some of the critics – The film has a score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes – had to say:


"Neon-lit diners, lonely service stations and empty parking lots are straight out of an Edward Hopper painting in this handsome, gloomy drama." – The Observer.

"As raw and engaging as the disconnect between Stanley and Lion becomes as they tumble toward California, the real tension of Jungleland lives in the ever-constricting space between its three main characters and the respective clichés." – Indiewire

"This dire and dreamy road movie is impressive work from director and co-writer Winkler... expanding the scope and genre of his work while remaining tightly focused on character." – Los Angeles Times

"Featuring three very strong central performances and eye-catching poetic visuals, Jungleland is more of a mood-piece than anything else, and on that level it works beautifully." –


"Charlie Hunnam goes against type and brings dirtbag energy to Jungleland, which puts an engrossingly gritty twist on the boxing movie." – Pajiba

"Max Winkler's Jungleland is a confidently crafted three-hander and your enjoyment of it will depend entirely on how many times you can watch its protagonists f*** up." – The Playlist

Jungleland is available to watch on Netflix right now.

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