Netflix may have topped Tiger King with its new murder mystery documentary 3 months ago

Netflix may have topped Tiger King with its new murder mystery documentary

Last Stop Larrimah is a must-watch for true crime fans.

Initially released on HBO in the States in October this year, Last Stop Larrimah immediately got people talking about the obvious comparisons with Netflix's huge murder mystery documentary, Tiger King.


It tells the story of the tiny Australian community of Larrimah, with a population of just 11 people. But when one of those people - Paddy Moriarty and his dog - suddenly goes missing, the other 10 residents in the community all immediately become suspects in his murder.

The biggest difference in this documentary and Tiger King is that this one is a movie at a little under two hours long, as opposed to the Netflix series of six episodes, each the guts of an hour long. And in good news for Netflix subscribers, the streaming giant have managed to secure the rights to Last Stop Larrimah so they can stream it for subscribers in Ireland and the UK.

HBO's trailer for Last Stop Larrimah


Upon release on HBO last month, the documentary scored 85% with critics (Tiger King's current RT score is 84%), most of whom pointed out that it was as much an extremely dark comedy as it was a true crime murder mystery documentary:

Roger Ebert - "Every effective scene is built on the entertainment value of these oddball figures, sorta like Tiger King but less gross and exploitative."

The Playlist - "A portrait of an eccentric town that almost feels like a social experiment, just as much as it’s a murder mystery, Last Stop Larrimah is a shaggy, fascinating tale that marries absurdity with the ever-popular true-crime genre to pretty enthralling results.

Rolling Stone - "Last Stop Larrimah is ultimately a pitch-black comedy - a digressive slice of cultural anthropology that chuckles into the abyss."


Last Stop Larrimah is available to watch on Netflix right now in Ireland and the UK.

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