WATCH: New Netflix show is basically Love Island, but even more horrific 9 months ago

WATCH: New Netflix show is basically Love Island, but even more horrific

Or like Fyre Festival with actual life and death consequences.

What a year it's been for island-based terror.

First up, you had a pair of documentaries on 2017's infamous Fyre Festival, with the Netflix effort setting down an early marker in the 'horror film of the year' stakes.

The summer, of course, was dominated by Love Island. Adore it, despise it, have no real opinion either way; you simply couldn't escape its presence.

So it would seem that there really is something in the 'send a bunch of beautiful people off to a remote location and see what happens' gimmick, to the point that Netflix has come up with something a little more twisted along those lines.

Set to arrive next month, The I-Land presents a fictionalised account of what would happen if someone found themselves in such familiar idyllic settings, only for sinister things to occur.

A lot more sinister than poor preparation, dodgy living conditions and people shouting at each other in a villa night after night.

The plot finds 10 people waking up on a "treacherous" island with no recollection or who they are or how they found themselves there.

Soon, they are subjected to intense physical and psychological challenges, with their very lives on the line.

So it's LOST meets The Hunger Games, essentially, as created by Neil LaBute - usually found working on more indie fare like Nurse Betty, In the Company of Men, and, er, that terrible Wicker Man remake.

Amongst the cast; Kate 'Superman Returns' Bosworth, Natalie 'Death Race' Martinez and Alex 'Magic Mike' Pettyfer.

The I-Land hits up Netflix from 12 September.

Check out the trailer below.

Clip via Netflix