Netflix has just added a brilliant hidden gem action thriller 4 months ago

Netflix has just added a brilliant hidden gem action thriller

Very tense, very exciting, and barely over an-hour-and-a-half long. Perfect!

Chances are you didn't catch Those Who Wish Me Dead in the cinema, because it arrived pretty much mid-pandemic, when most people were avoiding crowded areas as much as humanly possible.


By the end of its cinematic run, the movie had made a little over $23 million worldwide, but that just means that it will get a second lease of life for a better and bigger fanbase now that it has been added to Netflix.

Directed and co-written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water), it tells the story of Hannah (Angelina Jolie) a smokejumper - a firefighter brought in by air - who is struggling after the deaths of three people at a recent forest fire. Posted at a watchtower, Hannah crosses paths with young boy Connor (Finn Little), who is being pursued by two assassins (Nicholas Hoult and Aidan Gillen), as he is the only witness to their previous murder. As she tries to bring him to safety, the assassins kick start their own raging forest fire in the hopes it will either smoke Connor out, or kill him.

You can check out JOE's exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie and her co-star Medina Senghore right here:


At a tight 100 minutes, Those Who Wish Me Dead is a fantastically taut thriller

The movie also stars Tyler Perry, Jon Bernthal and Jake Weber, and while not everybody got on board with what Those Who Wish Me Dead was trying to do upon initial release, JOE likened the movie to the kind of 90s action flicks that Hollywood doesn't make enough of anymore. And other critics agreed with us:

New York Magazine - "The neo-Western inflected work is a lean, engrossing, action-packed shot of adrenaline that is striking in its aesthetic decisions and boasts some exceedingly fun turns from its actors. Most important, it proves once more why Jolie is a star."

Paste - "The film’s rock-solid survival story is enhanced by its charming ensemble and striking, elegant environment."


Empire - "A lean and mean throwback of a thriller bolstered by excellent performances and first-class filmmaking. When director Taylor Sheridan keeps the action grounded, it’s sweaty palms central."

Those Who Wish Me Dead is available to watch on Netflix in Ireland and the UK from today (Wednesday 27 September).

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