Netflix's new dating show Sexy Beasts looks absolutely wild 2 years ago

Netflix's new dating show Sexy Beasts looks absolutely wild

Looks like it's going to be a whale of a time.

Netflix's new dating show looks absolutely wild as singletons sign up for what promises to be the "strangest blind date ever".


Sexy Beasts is the newest dating show from the streaming platform which will see singles looking for love based on personality alone as each contestant will be covered head to toe in animal-themed prosthetics. Think First Dates meets completely deranged real-life fever dream.

Each episode will feature a new single as they attempt to navigate the pandamonium of the dating world and form a lasting connection, selecting from among three potential love matches, all of whom are in full prosthetic makeup.

However, they will only get to see the real face of their chosen date after they've made their final decision, based solely on their personality.

The programme will be hosted by Catastrophe star Rob Delaney and is based on the Lion TV British reality dating show of the same name which was produced for BBC Three back in 2014.


Meaning if you just can't wait for the Netflix release, you can get a taste of what's in store by catching up on the UK version on the BBC player here - although, fair warning, the prosthetics aren't quite as advanced.

The new series is set to release on Netflix on 21 July with six new episodes, meanwhile, season two will release later this year.

You can watch the full trailer here: