The G.O.A.T. crime film and loads more great movies are coming back to Netflix 3 weeks ago

The G.O.A.T. crime film and loads more great movies are coming back to Netflix

October looks like a strong month on the streaming giant.

It's about to hit that time of year when lighting up the fire and cosying up on the couch in front of a good film begins to take on a near-magical quality.


Or maybe it's just getting colder and darker and it's nice to unwind. You tell us.

Either way, we greet Netflix's latest announcement with warmth as the streaming service unveils a host of highly intriguing films that are set to return to the platform next month.

Top of the bill for us, at least, is Heat; the epic 1995 crime saga featuring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer and the greatest – and loudest – bank heist shootout ever captured on film.

Is there a better crime film in existence? We say there is not.

But there's lots of other options if Heat isn't your bag for some strange reason.

Check out the full list of new-old movies hitting Netflix in October below.

  • Halloween (1978 original)
  • Halloween II
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
  • Shutter Island
  • Addams Family Values
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Spider-Man
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Green Mile
  • Contagion
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Town
  • The Terminal
  • Heat
  • Carlito's Way
  • The Lighthouse
  • Dark Waters
  • V For Vendetta
  • Clueless
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  • The First Wives Club
  • Fight Club

Not too shabby.

There's also a bizarre, Saw-style interactive film involving hulking WWE legend The Undertaker, in case you missed that trailer earlier in the week.