The next Game of Thrones season will see an incredibly interesting meeting 2 years ago

The next Game of Thrones season will see an incredibly interesting meeting

Set photos have given away a big spoiler.

If you prefer to hide under a rock - Casterly Rock might do the trick - and remain completely spoiler free, consider this to be your warning.


After the recent revelation about Winterfell - you can read about that here - the latest spoiler concerns an unexpected meeting of two major characters, Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister.

The last time we saw the King in the North and the Protector of the Seven Kingdoms in the same scene was at the Dragonpit and since then, Cersei has reneged on her promise to help Jon's fight against the army of the dead.

Of course, now that Jon has sworn his loyalty to Queen Daenerys, his aunt, things are even more complicated when it comes to the Iron Throne.

The Dubrovnik Times have captured some images of Kit Harington on set in Croatia and it's notable that he's joined by Lena Headey (Cersei). Director David Nutter is also there along with the Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and D.B Weiss.

Given the fact that Nutter is directing the first, second and fourth episodes of the coming season, it's likely that this meeting could come towards the end of the season but this meeting could also be part of a flashback/warging vision. After all, the last time we saw Jon Snow was when he was getting 'familiar' with Dany on that boat that's heading to White Harbor.

This being said, the possibilities are intriguing. Did Jon and Cersei discuss something in private when they were in King's Landing? Has Jon forgiven Cersei's decision to double-cross him when she refused to send her forces north? If that's the case, why would Jon risk death and betrayal by heading to King's Landing again? Perhaps Jon has finally come to stake his true claim on the Iron Throne?


Whatever the reason, the images can be viewed here and they're bound t get some rumours spreading.