WATCH: Irish filmmaker directs brilliant new Nike ad 2 years ago

WATCH: Irish filmmaker directs brilliant new Nike ad

Nike always pull it out of the bag when it comes to big adverts.

When it comes to televised adverts, nobody really does it like Nike.


Remember the 'Mama loves Mambo' ads from back in the day, where Ronaldo, Figo and Roberto Carlos would be booting a ball around a massive stadium, alongside a whole host of other deadly footballers.

They were great.

Or more recently, the simply stunning Colin Kaepernick advert that relayed the message: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." Goosebumps, every time.

And unsurprisingly, they have added another top class ad to the list, and this one was directed by Irish woman Aoife McArdle.

Take a look here, and prepare to feel inspired:

The theme of the ad is dreams in women's sport, and the message being portrayed is that "Having a dream won't change the world. Sharing one will."

The motivational ad is beautifully directed by McCardle, and is getting a seriously positive reception online.


Now if you'll excuse us, we're now pumped enough to run a marathon.