5 must-watch shows and movies streaming on NOW in September 4 weeks ago

5 must-watch shows and movies streaming on NOW in September

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Some tremendous movies and shows to check out in September!


What are you in the mood for?

Political intrigue? Emotional Oscar-magnets? Big blockbusters? Tense thrillers? Turns out all of this and more is streaming throughout September on NOW.

They've given us a sneak peak of what to expect in September, so all of the below (and more besides!) will be available to stream with your NOW Cinema Membership and your NOW Entertainment Membership, starting with...



Streaming now.

Kenneth Branagh writes and directs this gorgeous coming-of-age biopic drama. Set against the beginning of the Troubles in 1969, this seven-time Oscar-nominated movie stars Jamie Dornan, Caitríona Balfe, Judi Dench, and Ciarán Hinds.



Stream every episode from Wednesday, 28 September.

An almost unrecognisable Kenneth Branagh plays Boris Johnson in this six-part dramatic series which will detail his first months as the Prime Minister. This includes his dealings with Brexit, Coronavirus, as well as his attention-grabbing personal life...



Stream from Friday, 23 September.

This blockbuster adaptation of the hit video game series focuses on young treasure-hunter Nathan Drake (Tom Holland), who is forced to team up with the more experienced tomb raider Sully (Mark Wahlberg). Together, they unravel one of the greatest mysteries of all time.


Stream from Friday, 16 September.


When a world-famous singer (played by Jennifer Lopez) discovers that her equally famous boyfriend has been cheating on her, she picks a man (Owen Wilson) out of the crowd during one of her gigs, and decides to marry him. And in the great romantic cinematic history shared by the likes of Notting Hill and The Bodyguard, this rom-com shows what happens when the worlds of a celebrity and a regular guy collide!


Stream from Thursday, 22 September.

Colin Farrell and Jodie Turner-Smith headline this powerful sci-fi drama about a husband and wife who live with their adopted daughter Mika, and their adopted son Yang, who happens to be a previously owned and apparently damaged robotic child. Offered to have Yang replaced, the parents decide instead to attempt to repair him themselves.

All of these movies and shows will be available to stream with your NOW Cinema Membership and your NOW Entertainment Membership.

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