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24th Jul 2021

One of the best comedies of the last five years is among the movies on TV tonight

Stephen Porzio

Saoirse Ronan

The movie landed Saoirse Ronan an Oscar nomination for best actress.

Wanting to get out of the sun but also feeling like you’ve watched everything on Netflix? Not to worry as JOE has compiled a list of the best movies airing on TV tonight.

Check out your options below.

Bridesmaids – RTÉ Two – 9pm

A smash hit with both audiences and critics, this comedy centres on a woman (Kristen Wiig) who suffers a series of misfortunes after being asked to serve as maid of honor for her best friend (Maya Rudolph).

The stacked ensemble cast also includes Chris O’Dowd, Jon Hamm, Matt Lucas, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson and Rose Byrne.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Channel 4 – 9pm

The world’s top bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds) gets a new client, a hitman (Samuel L. Jackson) who must testify at the International Criminal Court.

In this buddy action flick, Jackson and Reynolds do their thing – swearing and being sarcastic, respectively. It’s the pair who make the movie watchable, in spite of the plot that’s been done better a hundred times before.

Step Brothers – ITV 4 – 9pm

Start watching for the promise of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly at their most hilarious. Stay watching for Kathryn Hahn of WandaVision fame’s scene-stealing supporting turn.

The Social Network – E! Entertainment – 9pm

Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, this Oscar best picture nominee depicts the founding Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg stars as Mark Zuckerberg.

Beverly Hills Cop – Sky One – 9pm

A freewheeling Detroit cop (Eddie Murphy) pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills.

Acclaimed upon its release in 1984, it’s the film that launched Murphy to international stardom.

Lady Bird – BBC One – 10.30pm

Set in 2002, a 17-year-old girl (Saoirse Ronan) longs for adventure, sophistication and opportunity but finds none of that in her Sacramento Catholic high school and with her working-class family (the great Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts).

Our pick for this evening, this comedy-drama from Greta Gerwig feels warm and witty. While at first it seems like a simple observational story about a year in the life of a high schooler, it subtly builds to an emotional climax that will make you simultaneously tear up and want to call your mam.

Stronger – BBC Two – 11.05pm

This critically acclaimed drama tells the inspiring real-life story of Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal), an ordinary man who became a symbol of hope after surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Split – Film Four – 11.15pm

With his new flick Old currently in cinemas, why not take the time to revisit M. Night Shyamalan’s excellent horror-thriller about a man (an incredible James McAvoy) suffering from dissociative identity disorder with 23 alter egos.

JOE recently spoke to Shyamalan about his latest work.

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