One important detail from the ending of Infinity War that we all need to keep in mind heading into the Endgame 2 years ago

One important detail from the ending of Infinity War that we all need to keep in mind heading into the Endgame

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How did we overlook this?

We here in the JOE office were chatting about the MCU this week - specifically, how Captain Marvel (review here) would feed into the action of Endgame.


By the MCU head honcho Kevin Feige's own admission, Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the movies to date, and when you see just what she is capable of, it does feel like she is in a league of her own.

Especially considering the fact that once Thanos finger-clicked half of existence out of, eh, existence, that gauntlet looks pretty much destroyed.

infinity gauntlet

However, right after Thanos gets a chest full of Thor's axe, but before he has some kind of hallucination / vision / parallel universe visit / trips right into the Reality Stone itself (delete as will become eventually appropriate), and before he also chills out on his space-porch, he does do one other important thing.

See if you spot it here:

Clip via Music Wizard


Yep, he teleports away.

Which means that the Gauntlet is still working, because the Space Stone is still giving him the ability to hop away from a soon-to-be 50% less populated Earth, over to the lovely sunset he has dreamed of for decades.

There seemed to be an assumption that between the finger-click, the busted-up gauntlet, and the burnt and scarred up arm meant that Thanos was basically back to being powerless. Or at least as powerless as a giant, hulking purple alien can be.

But it does appear that he does still have the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and the attached Infinity Stones at his disposal, which means that Thor's new super-axe Stormbreaker and Captain Marvel's apparently unmatched abilities might not have as easy a fight ahead of them as you might have anticipated...

Avengers: Endgame is released in cinemas Friday 26 April.


Clip via Marvel Entertainment

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