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22nd Jul 2023

Oppenheimer is playing around the world in every country except Japan

Rory Fleming


There’s a significant reason behind why…

People in Japan are having to wait a little longer than everyone else for the hotly-anticipated Oppenheimer to reach their cinema screens.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film has been one of the talking points of the year and finally hit the big screen this weekend and it is expected to open with $50m (€45m) at the box office.

While everyone around the globe enjoys the spectacle that stars Cillian Murphy, Japan are sat waiting to get in on the action.

This isn’t down to the film being banned in the country, but as of yet, no official release date has been confirmed.

Cillian Murphy’s performance in Oppenheimer has seen him tipped as a likely nominee for Best Actor at the Oscars. (Credit: Getty Images)

Oppenheimer is an “intense story”:

A Universal spokesperson said: “plans have not been finalised in all markets”.

The film itself follows the life of theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer – the man who helped to develop the first-ever nuclear bomb.

His work on the Manhattan project eventually led to the USA detonating two atomic bombs during the Pacific War in 1945, culminating in the loss of an estimated 200,000 people in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When speaking about the film, Nolan told The Independent that it is an “intense story”.

He added: “I showed it to a filmmaker recently who said it’s kind of a horror movie. I don’t disagree.”

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