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Pic: This Oscars infographic has everything you need to know before Sunday
This is a treat for film nerds (like us)

This is a treat for film nerds (like us).

Just when you thought you knew everything about the Oscars, along comes this brilliant infographic from the nice people at Shari's Berries.

Can you name the first pair of brothers to win acting nominations?

Who had the longest speech (at six minutes)?

The only actor to win three Best Actor awards? That's an easy one.

It's all here, so it's time to start learning some ultimately useless but fascinating bits of movie trivia before Sunday night's ceremony.

Oscars1 Oscars2 Oscars3 Oscars4 Oscars5 Oscars6


Episode 5 of our brand new podcast The Capital B has arrived!

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  • Sarah, the baked bean expert of coolbeans, talks farts and why putting 'vegan' on a brand means it definitely won't sell.

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