Patrick Kielty's Late Late remarks on growing up across the border really hit home 2 weeks ago

Patrick Kielty's Late Late remarks on growing up across the border really hit home

The new Late Late host became visibly emotional when discussing the topic.

It is safe to say that Patrick Kielty's debut as Late Late host was a rousing success, managing to win over audiences - and the RTÉ Director General - with his enthusiasm, interviewing skills and sharp wit.


Indeed, one of the most emotional and powerful moments from his first episode as presenter of the long-running talk show was when the Northern Irish comedian discussed growing up across the border.

After delivering several jokes focused around the recent RTÉ secret payments scandal in his opening monolgue, the new Late Late host turned his attention to his family history and how this influenced his life-long love of the programme.

Patrick Kielty on growing up across the border


“I'm going to bring my guests out in just a second but before I do, I just wanted to say to you how much this means to me tonight," he said.

"Before the border was drawn on this island, my grandad Kielty moved from Wexford up to County Down.

"That trip wasn't exactly planned and he and his brother had to stop over here for a few years in Dublin in the industrial school in Artane.

“But his journey is the reason why myself and my brothers grew up watching this show on a Friday night in County Down with my mum and dad.

“I’m proud to say that the Kieltys are still watching this show from County Down tonight. Hello mum. And some Kieltys are also tuning in here tonight in Dublin and down in Wexford.

"And there’s two other Kielty brothers also watching tonight in London, way past their bedtime, who will now be able to say that their dad was lucky enough to host this show."

Becoming visibly emotional, Kielty added: “Like so many of you watching this show tonight, my journey has had the odd bump in the road but it’s funny how things work out.

“There’s no way I ever thought that I’d be standing here this evening but I am so so happy I am.


"Thanks for joining me and it truly is an honour of a lifetime to be able to say welcome to The Late Late Show.”

You can watch Kielty's opening monologue in full right here:

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