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27th Oct 2023

Patrick Kielty on the part of his Tommy Tiernan show appearance that was edited out

Ryan Grace

Patrick Kielty

“I think it is a big reflection on Tommy’s talent…”

The new face of The Late Late Show Patrick Kielty has opened up on fellow comedian and Irish television host Tommy Tiernan.

The pair are set to battle it our for the eyes and ears of the Irish public in the new year when The Tommy Tiernan show returns in January.

While Tommy is set to air on Saturday nights, and The Late Late Show has kept its iconic Friday night slot, there’s no doubt the viewership and quality of guests between the two will be the talk of the town.

Despite an impending showdown, Patrick Kielty has heaped praise on the Donegal native. Kielty told the Irish Mirror:

“One of the things that Tommy has done, and if you look at it and I think it is a big reflection on Tommy’s talent, that if you look at the television world, people are always hungry for different formulas in different territories and Tommy’s show, I don’t know anywhere else that is doing the show.’

“And what I am saying is, that that’s a massive compliment to Tommy. The fact that somebody else isn’t doing it somewhere else.’

Kielty didn’t stop there, even going on to reveal that when he himself appeared on Tommy’s show, and what did not make the final cut.

“I think pound for pound [Tommy is the best comedian]. Weirdly, I said this whenever I was on Tommy’s show, you know because Tommy’s show is pre-recorded so there is bits that get cut out and I said this ironically and it got cut out, I said ‘Tommy, pound for pound for are the best comedian I have ever seen’, and they didn’t put it in!”

Patrick Kielty

Patrick Kielty makes bright start on Late Late Show

For now though Patrick Kielty will be focused on keeping his own house in order and continuing the positive start he’s made replacing Ryan Tubridy on one of the world’s most established talk shows.

The response to Kielty’s presenting style, interaction with guests, and balance between comedy and more serious issues has been well received by loyal Late Late Show viewers.

Despite this, the show continued to lose viewers with 20,000 tuning out of last week’s show (Friday October 20).

The latest episode saw Patrick Kielty sit down with Hollywood royalty Jean-Claude Van Damme, Irish football legend Liam Brady and influencer Roz Purcell.

An average of 432,000 viewers watched last week’s episode, down from an average of 455,000 viewers the week prior.

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