Peaky Blinders creator says Season 5 has lots of scenes with Arthur 'absolutely losing it' 1 year ago

Peaky Blinders creator says Season 5 has lots of scenes with Arthur 'absolutely losing it'

He's off the order of the Peaky Blinders!

Murder and revenge aren't things that really dwell on the minds of the characters in Peaky Blinders. After all, the show's theme song does stress the importance of the 'Red right hand' and as we've seen throughout four seasons, violence is everywhere.

Over the years we've seen people being tortured, shot, stabbed, and beaten to death, but there's one character that likes a fight more than the rest.

In terms of infamy, Arthur Shelby's performance after the Peaky Blinders raided Darby Sabini's Eden Club in Season 2 is hard to top.

Aside from the brutal violence that was on display, it also provided us with *that* iconic line.

This being said, after meeting Linda and reevaluating his role in the company/family, Arthur has somewhat mellowed out and embraced the simple life, but as the Season 4 finale showed us, there's still plenty of bite that's left in this mad dog.

During a recent chat with TalkSport, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight revealed that Season 5 is 'honestly the best one yet' and that it's very, very likely that the show will continue onto Season 7. However, the tantalising news didn't stop there.

The conversation then moved onto Knight's favourite character and the director of Serenity and Locke revealed a bit of a surprise. It turns out that Curly - the friendly stable boy  and labourer that does a few bits and bobs at Charlie' Yard - is his favourite character in the show.

"He's sort of based on a real person from a long time ago. He just gives you the opportunity to put a bit of humour in there," said Knight.

However, it appears that Johnny Dogs isn't far behind him.

"I think sometimes that he (Packy Lee) isn't even acting, that's just him! That's what he's like. He brings a real veracity to the role," said Knight.

Ok, what about Arthur?

Well, if your bloodlust is up ahead of Season 5, you'll be pleased to know that "there's lots of that (him losing it) in Series 5. He loses it big time," said Knight.

Christ, nobody in Birmingham is going to be safe!

You can listen to the whole interview here.