Peaky Blinders writer: 'Season 5 is the best one yet' and 'Cillian Murphy is at the top of his game' 5 months ago

Peaky Blinders writer: 'Season 5 is the best one yet' and 'Cillian Murphy is at the top of his game'

It's order of the Peaky Blinders!

Given the various facets to Cillian Murphy's performance as Tommy Shelby, it's entirely possible to have a favourite take on his character.

Perhaps you prefer Tommy when he's trying to charm Grace and sweep her off her feet? Perhaps your favourite version of Tommy is when he embraces his gypsy heritage and goes a bit wild? Elsewhere, there's a brutally violent side to the leader of the Peaky Blinders - as seen by those moments when he tortured Luca Changretta's father and murdered his men in the kitchen.

Ultimately, Tommy always has a plan but trying to decipher what's going through his mind is like trying to catch smoke with your hands.

He's evasive, intelligent, violent, charming, dangerous, and utterly compelling.

Truth be told, very few actors could portray the complexities that are associated with the role but Cillian Murphy has constantly found new layers to the character.

For example, in Season 4, who would have predicted that Tommy would have a soft spot for the Communist party? Elsewhere, we got a glimpse into the charming and caring man that he was before WWI.

With Season 5 currently in post-production, we're certain that we're going to see even more layers to Mr. Shelby, especially since he's become an MP.

We all have our favourite Tommy moments but Steven Knight (creator of Peaky Blinders) thinks that the very best is yet to come from Cillian Murphy.

In an interview with Birmingham Live, Knight said that: “Director Anthony Byrne (Ripper Street / Silent Witness) has done a fantastic job. And Cillian is right at the top of his game.”

In another interview with Radio Times, the director of Serenity reaffirmed his belief that Season 5 is the best one yet.

"I personally believe – and I think everybody involved believes – that this is the best series yet, for all sorts of reasons. There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of bells ringing, there’s a lot of conflict happening," said Knight.

With regards to a premiere date, the BBC haven't confirmed an official date yet but a few weeks ago, Harry Kirton (Finn) said that: "Peaky is probably coming out at the other end of this year. So, September/October time. I'm very excited and you should be to. Finn has to grow up (in the new) season," he added.

We can't wait.