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02nd Nov 2015

PICS: 19 actresses we all had a crush on during the ’90s

A simpler time

Joe Harrington

A simpler time.

Growing up in the 90s was a pleasure for a number of reasons; Fat Frogs, Ray Houghton in Giants Stadium, Nirvana, Watch Calculators, Top 30 Hits and Super Mario Kart.

It was also the decade when our hearts were broken again and again by various actresses in TV and movies.

Here are 19 of the ladies that we had a massive crush on during the 90s.

1. Carmen Electra

Like Joey and Chandler, we were also massive fans of CARMEN ELECTRA and the layered storylines her character Lani McKenzie got involved in on Baywatch.

2. Shannen Doherty

With a name as Irish as a sod of turf in pint of Guinness, Brenda Walsh was the lady we fell in love with on Beverly Hills 90210. That idiot Dylan never treated her right.

3. Terri Hatcher

She went from Lois Lane to Wysteria Lane and we would’ve flown on… is it a bird? is it a pLane? to meet (and propose to) her back on the set of Lois and Clark.

4. Tiffany Amber Thiessen

Saved By The Bell‘s Kelly Kapowski broke the hearts of more teenage boys in Ireland in the 90s than Wim Jonk, Patrick Kluivert, Toto Scillachi and Gabriela Szabo combined.

5. Isla Fisher

We never sang “You know we belong together…” with more vigor than when Isla Fisher played Shannon on Home and Away.

Shannon Reed

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt

JLH was a love interest in the sensitive family drama Party of Five and then she bust onto the big screen in 1997 with hit thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer.

You know what we did that summer? Fell in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar

What a decade the 90s were for the Gellars, Monica and Ross were doing well in New York while Sarah Michelle was killing vampires and seducing her brother.

Buffy‘s Cruel Intentions is the spin-off everyone* wanted. *These guys we know… us… me… just me.

8. Jennifer Aniston

We watched Friends every Monday night on RTÉ2 and spent every Tuesday morning talking about how amazing Rachel Green was.

9. Cameron Diaz

She’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood now but she had her big break in the 90s with her memorable appearance in The Mask and 1998’s There’s Something About Mary.

10. Gillian Anderson

Dooo, dooo, dooo, dooo, doo, do… dooo, dooo, dooo, dooo, doo, do…

11. Katie Holmes

Before she became most famous for marrying and divorcing professional couch-jumper Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes played Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek.

The Joey-Dawson-Pacey is a love triangle that Pythagoras couldn’t figure out. Who said we’d never use that maths stuff after school?

12. Alicia Silverstone

She was America’s sweetheart for a spell in the mid-90s, the fact that she shifted Paul Rudd at the end of Clueless allowed every young man to dream big.

13. Neve Campbell

From wholesome teenager in Party of Five to tormented victim in slasher classic Scream, Neve Campbell was the 90s.

14. Winona Ryder

The actress shot to fame with roles in Edward Scissorhands, Dracula and Beetlejuice. We wanted to save her. From what, who knows? but we did.

15. Shannon Elizabeth

The demand by Irish male students for a foreign exchange student program sky-rocketed after Elizabeth’s appearance as Nadia in American Pie in 1999.

16. Karyn Parsons

She played Hilary Banks, the mean sibling in the Bel Air mansion, and we thought she was hilarious. A girl that can make you laugh and all that.

17. Minnie Driver

She understood Irish humour from Circle of Friends and she was so smart in Good Will Hunting. The perfect catch.

18. Angeline Ball

The Commitments starlet only lived up the road in Dublin so that gave us hope. False hope. But still hope.

19. Meg Ryan

We spent ages looking for ‘Shopgirl’ on AOL (not in a creepy way) just to get in contact with Meg. It didn’t work because You’ve Got Mail is a fictional movie.

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