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18th Jan 2018

Pixar director and producer compare their new movie to a Coen Brothers classic

Rory Cashin

That was a comparison we weren’t expecting.

Having recently picked up the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, we imagine the folk at Disney and Pixar are very happy about their latest project, Coco.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with co-writer/co-director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson and discuss the new movie at length.

In our humble opinion, there is a scene in Coco that is sadder than the beginning of Up or the end of Toy Story 3, and we had to ask these folk when do they know that they have an emotional tactical missile on their hands, and also which movie is most likely to make them crew.

There is also the fact that the movie is set in Mexico, and deals with people attempting to cross a border… considering that they began development on the movie back in 2011, did they notice that they’d suddenly came across a potentially extremely political image the closer it came to the current political climate?

Also, during the course of the interview, they come up with a very particular connection and comparison to a Coen Brothers movie, one that we would never have a made in a million years.

Check out the full chats right here:

Coco is released in cinemas here from Friday 19 January, and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, we fully recommend you check it out below:

Clip via Disney•Pixar