QUIZ: Can you match the famous movie father to the film? 3 years ago

QUIZ: Can you match the famous movie father to the film?

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Who’s your daddy?


We’ve had some memorable movie dads over the years. You only have to say the words “I am your father” and everyone knows which deadbeat dad you’re talking about.

Not one birthday or Christmas present. That’s all we’re saying.

Then there’s Liam Neeson in Taken, proving that it’s OK to have no money if you also have a “very particular” set of skills and a terrifying phone manner. He may be financially irresponsible but he wins the “My dad’s tougher than your dad” competition every time.

With Father Figures about to hit Irish cinemas, it seemed like a perfect time to look back at some of the most famous dads from the big screen. The comedy stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as twin brothers who find out that their dad wasn’t the man they thought he was.

So the brothers set out to investigate a list of potential paternal figures that includes real-life NFL star Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, Christopher Walken and JK Simmons. As possible pops go, that’s certainly an eclectic line-up.


This looks set to be the weirdest search for a father since Kylo Ren and Peter Parker went hunting for Oskar Schindler in Silence.

So how well do you know your movie fathers? We're asking you to match the famous movie dad to the film in the quiz below. Only the biggest movie buffs can expect to get eight out of eight.

Good luck!

Father Figures is in cinemas now.

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Brought to you by Warner Bros.