One of the funniest hidden gems of 2022 is now available to watch at home 3 weeks ago

One of the funniest hidden gems of 2022 is now available to watch at home

Be warned: this movie is absolutely NOT going to be for everybody...

Released in Irish cinemas in March 2022, right when people weren't entirely sure if they really wanted to go back to the cinema just yet, Red Rocket failed to make much of a splash upon its big screen debut.


Despite a very good critical response (90%) on Rotten Tomatoes, being one of the front-runners at last year's Cannes Film Festival, winning some very big awards during the festival circuit, and a properly attention-grabbing plot, next to nobody actually went to see it.

On a budget of $1.1 million, the movie made just $2.3 million at the global box office.

Hopefully it will be given its second shot at success now that it is available to stream at home, as this is a gem that most (but not ALL) people should definitely check out!


Coming from director Sean Baker - his previous two movies, 2015's Tangerine and 2017's The Florida Project, are both absolute must-watches too - Red Rocket tells the story of Mikey "Saber" Davies, a washed-up porn star, played by Simon Rex, himself a former porn actor.

The plot follows Mikey as he returns to his hometown in Texas after a 17-year absence, only to discover that absolutely nobody there is happy to see him return. Things only get more complicated when he simultaneously begins building bridges with his estranged wife AND starts a relationship with a 17-year-old girl from the local donut store.

And as we mentioned, when initially released, critics absolutely loved it:

Empire - "A beguiling and beautiful film about a total toe-rag, Red Rocket is a unique character study: Mikey Saber will charm your socks off, and you’ll hate him for it."


IndieWire - "Red Rocket is so arresting because of how it keeps hope alive by rescuing devastation from the jaws of happiness."

TimeOut - "Red Rocket is an engrossing state-of-the-nation comedy designed to make us feel so dirty that no amount of washing will remove the sweat from our nether parts."

Red Rocket is available to watch with a NOW Cinema Membership right now.