The Big Reviewski Ep24 with your SPOILER-FREE review of Spider-Man: Far From Home 3 years ago

The Big Reviewski Ep24 with your SPOILER-FREE review of Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Greetings movie fans!

Get ready for a star-studded and Spider-Man spectacular this week as Eoghan Doherty, Paul Moore, Justine Stafford and Rory Cashin are joined by a quintet of quality Hollywood heroes...


*Takes HUGE breath*

... Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth AND Paul Rudd.

Sweet lord and saviour above, what a line-up.

Following on from last week's fantastically fruitilicious fun, the gang review the latest Marvel movie (because it's been waaaaay too long since the last one was released), Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the brand new film from dreamteam Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, Yesterday.


They also take a summery sneak peek at one of the most morbidly fun-looking films coming out this year, Ready Or Not, and there are tickets to win to a very spooky screening of Annabelle Comes Home, the 387th film in The Conjuring universe.

Plus, there's a really important and intellectual discussion about getting into a one-on-one fight with a bus.

Don't ask, just watch and listen below...


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Dale's days are numbered,

His crowning delivery,

Red and Black's suspect.

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