The Big Reviewski Ep5 with The Rock love affair, sexy Jafar & Chris Pratt with his sheep 4 years ago

The Big Reviewski Ep5 with The Rock love affair, sexy Jafar & Chris Pratt with his sheep

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Greetings film fans!

What a week it has been.


Paul Moore has gone full Jason Bourne.

Justine Stafford has run off with The Rock.

And Eoghan Doherty and Rory Cashin are joined by the world's most exotic-sounding movie reviewer, Sarina Bellissimo.

This week, following on from Christoph Waltz and his swinging RocketHammerHammerRocket, the gang fall even more in love with The Rock (as if that was possible), people have some very confused feelings about Aladdin's big screen bad guy, and Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Tiffany Haddish and Will Arnett pop by to say hello and to chat about one of the BLOCKbuster films of the year, The LEGO Movie 2.


There are also some terrifying tickets to win and reviews of If Beale Street Could Talk, Happy Death Day 2 U, Instant Family and The Kid Who Would Be King.

Plus, there's a really important and intellectual discussion about green Leprechaun pee.

Don't ask, just watch and listen below...


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High school Gwen’s big bash,

BFFs are DTF,

Fake friend has bottle.

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