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08th Oct 2018

Sarah Greene and Moe Dunford discuss the powerful stories behind their new movie Rosie

Rory Cashin


Two of Ireland’s brightest stars talk about the important new film.

In just a few short years, both Sarah Greene and Moe Dunford have made a huge impact in the Irish film landscape, thanks to intelligent career choices and powerful performances.

Greene has appeared in the likes of The Guard, Black ’47, Dublin Oldschool, Burnt, and had a recurring role in Penny Dreadful, while Dunford’s CV is packed with the likes of Michael Inside, Handsome Devil, Patrick’s Day, and a recurring role in Vikings.

They’ve shared the screen together on projects before, but it is probably fair to say that their new movie Rosie might be the most important project that the pair have worked on.

As we said in our review, it might just be THE most important movie that Irish audiences see this year, and both Sarah and Moe are fantastic in it.

We had the chance to sit down with them both in the lead-up to the movie’s release, and they discuss some of the powerful stories behind the movie, as well as discussing their favourite Irish movie of all time, and giving the vaguest hints imaginable as to what they’re working together on next.

Check out our full interview with the stars right here:

Rosie is in Irish cinemas from Friday 12 October, and you can check out the trailer right here:

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