Season 2 of Derry Girls 'doesn't have a single weak episode' and is 'more mental' than before 4 years ago

Season 2 of Derry Girls 'doesn't have a single weak episode' and is 'more mental' than before

Derry Girls returns tonight.

It's fitting that everyone's favourite Derry girls - and the wee English fella - are set to return on Pancake Tuesday because watching an episode of Lisa McGee's wonderful comedy is like the world's best sugar rush.


Ever since audiences saw the stunning finale to Season,  the countdown to Season 2 started and in terms of the most eagerly-anticipated TV shows of 2019, Derry Girls is right up there.

With regards to the plot for the first episode of the new season, Erin and the rest of the gang are excited to attend an outdoor pursuits weekend which aims to bring Protestant and Catholic school kids together as part of a peace initiative. However, peace is the last thing on Michelle’s mind once she finds out that there will be Protestant lads there!

Before the season launched, JOE had the chance to chat with Louisa Harland (Orla), Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Erin), Dylan Llewellyn (James), and Nicola Coughlan (Clare) about what fans can expect to see.

If you're wondering about the dreaded 'second album syndrome' setting in, we're delighted to say that you've nothing to worry about the first episode in Season 2 is one of - if not the - best episode of Derry Girls.


"I think it’s just a bit braver and everyone knows the characters so well, "said Louisa Harland.

After being introduced to Orla in that wonderful opening scene where she's reading Erin's diary, Orla's uniquely mad personality has been a huge hit. In many ways, Season 2 is going to see Miss McCool get even weirder.

FYI, we definitely think she saw a cheetah on the beach!

"In Season 2, we can get away with being a little bit more mental. We’re a year older but a little bit more sure of ourselves. There’s a gig episode that’s going to a very special one for every Take That fan. That’s one to look forward to. I’m excited for every episode and there’s really not a week one throughout the series," said Harland.


As for the wee English fella - better known as James - Dylan Llewellyn is confident that Season 2 is exactly what the fans want to see.

"You see different sides to all the characters. It’s really interesting and it’s bigger than before. It’s like seeing your old friends and hanging out with them after they’ve been away for a while," said Llewellyn.

Throughout the first season, we all loved the moments when Michelle took the mickey out of her cousin, and while that still happens throughout the new episodes, it seems that James is starting to learn from Michelle's 'tough love'.

"This time around, you see James coming out of his shell a bit more. You see a bit more of his comedic side. I feel like in Season 1, he was more guarded and and looking through the looking glass. He’s less of the butt of the jokes in this one and he's more comfortable around the girls," said Llewellyn.


Since airing over a year ago on Channel 4, Lisa McGee's show has become a bonafide international hit - especially since it's available to watch on the international versions of Netflix. This being said, the whole cast are aware that the fans of Derry Girls have been a massive part of the show's success.

"It’s bigger and better than Season 1. You know who these characters are and we just start Season 2 full throttle," said Nicola Coughlan.

"The support we got from our fans is huge.  People come up to me in the street and thank us, but it’s Lisa that they should be thanking. People will not be let down in Season 2. We’re unbelievably grateful to everyone and we really appreciate the support. You’re all in for a ride," she added.

There's definitely no need to catch yourself on because Season 2 of Derry Girls kicks-off on Channel 4 at 21:15.

Wise up and watch it.


Clip via Channel 4