Season 2 of Derry Girls has released new clips that fans will love 4 years ago

Season 2 of Derry Girls has released new clips that fans will love

Season 2 of Derry Girls starts on 5 March.

There's no need for Channel 4 to wise up because they knew that they had a good thing going as soon as the very first episode of Derry Girls was released.


From the moment that we heard Orla reading Erin's diary out loud, it was clear that Lisa McGee's show had a level of cleverness and wit that was above the norm. Five episodes later and a bonafide hit was born.

After winning countless awards and shattering viewing records, the girls - and the wee English fella - are back for more in Season 2 of Derry Girls.

As stated previously, both Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Erin) and Lisa McGee (writer/creator) have stated that Season 2 will be 'bigger and braver' but with the trailer getting us more wired than Orla on a sugar rush, Channel 4 have released a few more cracker clips.

God bless Nicola Coughlan for branding her character, the lovably skittish Clare, as a real 'shite the tights.'


Despite the fact that Clare took the brave decision to come out at the end of Season 1, it's clear that she's still as jump as ever.

Also, why would Erin feel the need to give cheek to Sister Michael? However, this isn't the only new clip that we've been treated to.

Take a look at the gang as they raid Ma Mary's Christmas stash of goodies. That look could freeze hell over!