The probable setlist for Bruce Springsteen's Netflix special is stunning 2 years ago

The probable setlist for Bruce Springsteen's Netflix special is stunning

Fans of The Boss will not want to miss this.

There are certain ingredients that every household needs over the Christmas period.


A rake of food and drinks? Check.
Post-dinner entertainment to mortify your parents and siblings? Check.
Space on the couch to vegetate and claim as your own personal island? Check.
Time off work. Double-check.

There's one magic ingredient missing from the list above; some great TV to sit around and watch.

Truth be told, a few tunes wouldn't go amiss too and when it comes to Ireland's most beloved entertainer, it's hard to find anyone more beloved than Bruce Springsteen.

No matter where The Boss plays on these shores, it's always sold out and with a plethora of great films and TV shows arriving on Netflix this December, one title has got us extremely excited.

Springsteen On Broadway will be available to watch on Netflix from 16 December and it's essential viewing for anyone that loves The Boss.

Based on his worldwide best-selling autobiography Born to Run, Springsteen on Broadway is a unique evening with the rock and roll icon.

Simply put, it's an intimate music documentary that's all about Springsteen, his guitar, a piano, and his own stories.


If you're wondering what the setlist will look like, here are the songs that he has played the most during his tenure on Broadway.

Granted, the show that Netflix is airing will be his performance on 15 December, so the setlist might slightly change, but we really don't see there being any massive alterations from the tunes below.

Truth be told, we're absolutely delighted to see gems like 'Growin' Up', 'Brilliant Disguise', and 'The Wish' sitting alongside some of The Boss' more popular hits like 'Dancing In the Dark', 'Born to Run', and 'The Rising'.

All things considered, this is going to be one hell of a gig.

Get the munchies in.


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