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15th Apr 2024

‘So messed up’ – Shocking true crime doc with massive twist topping Netflix charts

Simon Kelly

Netflix true crime doc

“This is absolutely crazy.”

Netflix are renowned for their true crime documentaries and they’ve added yet another that’s taking the internet by storm.

New feature length documentary What Jennifer Did has risen to the top of Netflix’s most watched charts in Ireland and has everyone talking about its incredible premise.

The film follows the disturbing case of Jennifer Pan, a young woman in Canada who called police after intruders broke into her house and shot both her Vietnamese-born parents, killing her mother and leaving her father in a coma, unlikely to survive.

While looking like just another case of a home invasion gone awry, with some early speculation considering it might have even been a case of mistaken address, details started to unravel during Jennifer’s subsequent interviews with police.

The shocking case then turned completely upside down when her father woke up with some head-scratching information about the night of the attack.

‘So messed up’ – Shocking true crime doc with massive twist topping Netflix charts

The feature-length documentary comes from director Jenny Popplewell (American Murder: The Family Next Door) and uses police interrogation footage and testimony from those involved to unravel a web of complexities that no one saw coming.

Despite the film only receiving a middling 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, it hasn’t stopped What Jennifer Did rocketing to the top of Ireland’s most watched Netflix films this week.

It’s yet another win for the eternal churn of true crime documentaries by Netflix, who have created a machine for themselves with a new series or film every other week.

True crime fans won’t be complaining though and What Jennifer Did will no doubt satiate their appetite for the genre.

Viewers themselves can’t get over the incredible details of the shocking story, with one saying: “This is absolutely crazy. Watched on Netflix tonight and am about to go nuts!! A must watch for parents and guardians.”

Another added: “Just finished watching this, this was such a sad case. Lessons to be learnt here.”

A third simply said: “This story is so messed up.”

What Jennifer Did is available to watch on Netflix right now.

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