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11th Feb 2014

Silly reporter mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne on live TV… and Jackson isn’t one bit pleased

Say. Laurence. Again. I dare ya. I double dare ya motherf*cker. Say Laurence one more goddamn time.

Eoghan Doherty

He just got Fish-buuuuurned…

Everyone knows that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t Laurence Fishburne. Everyone also knows that you really shouldn’t make Samuel L. Jackson angry.

However, KTLA’s entertainment reporter Sam Rubin foolishly forgot both of these crucial facts during an interview with the Star Wars and Pulp Fiction star as he was busy promoting his latest role in the 2014 re-imagining of RoboCop.

Rubin, who clearly hadn’t done his homework and who obviously doesn’t have a brain in his head, began the awkward interview by asking Jackson what sort of reaction he had experienced following the airing of his new car ad during the recent Super Bowl.

One problem. The ad he was referring to was for the Kia K900 and starred none other than Laurence Fishburne AKA Morpheus from The Matrix.

A completely different man.

laurence fishburne

Jackson picks up on the mistake immediately and replies with a perfectly deadpan “we don’t all look alike.” Although we kind of wished that he’d gone with the line “Say. Laurence. Again. I dare ya. I double dare ya motherf*cker. Say Laurence one more goddamn time.”

It even says “Samuel L. Jackson” in massive letters on the floopin’ screen. Enjoy… in all of its cringe-worthy glory.

Remarkably, this isn’t actually the first time that this exact mistake has happened, as Ricky Gervais expertly predicted (as he had previously done with Kate Winslet’s ‘Holocaust Oscar’) the Jackson/Fishburne mix-up in his brilliant series, Extras.

What a prophet:

And finally, here is the admittedly excellent Kia ad starring Samuel L. Jackson Laurence Fishburne:

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