Sopranos cast member confirms lovely story about James Gandolfini 1 week ago

Sopranos cast member confirms lovely story about James Gandolfini

"He was one of a kind," Gandolfini's co-star said.

Widely considered one of the greatest shows of all time, The Sopranos continues to have a devoted legion of fans that love hearing behind-the-scenes stories about the series.


In keeping with this, a fan of the show tagged one of its actors Steven Van Zandt in a Twitter post to ask him a question about the late and great James Gandolfini, who played lead character and mafioso Tony Soprano.

Van Zandt was Silvio Dante on the series, the consigliere and right-hand man to Tony.

"Is it true James Gandolfini gave each actor in The Sopranos $33,333 of his own money to settle a salary dispute the cast had with HBO?" the fan asked Van Zandt.

In response, the actor confirmed Gandolfini did give out the money to the show's cast but stated it was not to settle a salary dispute.


Instead, Van Zandt said that Gandolfini had "gotten a big raise and just divided it amongst the cast".

Praising his co-star's generosity, Van Zandt called him "one of a kind".


Meanwhile, on the topic of The Sopranos, its creator David Chase a few months ago shed definitive light on the series' divisive conclusion, which you can read about here.