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13th Jun 2023

Steve-O talks about the Jackass Forever stunts that went ‘a little too far’

Hugh Carr

steve o jackass forever

“I almost think that pushes the boundaries of what I’m okay with!”

Anyone who has seen Jackass content knows that it takes a LOT to get the guys to break.

Between drinking yellow snow, being catapulted in used portaloos, and playing with bulls, it can seem like the crew have no limit on what they will put their bodies through.

This isn’t always the case, however, with Steve-O telling JOE that there was some aspects of the latest film, Jackass Forever, that he felt almost went too far.

JOE spoke to Steve-O ahead of “The Bucket List Tour”, a multimedia comedy show featuring stories and stunts that were deemed too extreme for Jackass (who knew there was such a thing?!).

In our chat, we put the theory to the Wild Ride host that Jackass, and particularly the latest film, was an example of positive masculinity.

“Oh, wow, that’s funny!,” the Jackass star mused.

“Positive masculinity isn’t necessarily, like what comes to mind. I think, in a general sense that Jackass has what I would describe as a wholesome spirit in general, meaning that there’s nothing malicious or hateful, like the spirit of what we do is really positive.

“You know, we give ourselves and each other an awfully hard time, but that’s because we’re attention whores and we want what’s happening to be happening, which makes it permissible to enjoy watching us get hurt or, you know, whatever the case may be.

“Now, to say Jackass Forever is a case study in positive masculinity, I think might be going a little far. And I just say that because we gave Danger Ehren (McGhehey) such a hard time. I mean, like, I almost think that pushes the boundaries of what I’m okay with, you know.

Clip via Movieclips

“If anything, I saw criticism of Jackass Forever for being toxic peer pressure and I don’t know that that was entirely off, you know. With that said, again, we’re all attention whores and we all genuinely want what’s happening to be happening.”

Danger Ehren suffered quite a bit during the filming of Jackass Forever, including rupturing his right testicle during a cup test stunt. Yikes.

Steve-O is heading to the UK as part of his Bucket List Tour, starting in Glasgow 30 June. If you want to make a trip across the pond to see the show (enter at your own risk!), you can find out where to buy tickets at

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