JOE's Succession Power Rankings - 'Kill List' 7 months ago

JOE's Succession Power Rankings - 'Kill List'

It's always rainy in Norway.

Following last week's episode confined to the Roy's Manhattan apartment, this week we spread our wings to the expanse of Norway's glacial wilderness as the Waystar team go head-to-head with the GoJo collective.


As Lukas Matsson welcomes the CE-Bros to his swanky Nordic retreat, the power balance is once again all over the place as the GoJo deal takes on several iterations throughout the episode, so let's see how the Succession power rankings shape up after all that.

9. The Surplus to Requirements gang

Ray, Mark, Hugo, Frank and Karl all get told that their services will no longer be required once the GoJo deal goes through. It's only a provisional list, but, we all know how these things are - that list ain't changing. Sorry, guys.

8. Greg


Stumbling around the Scandinavian woods like a bumbling giant, Greg just keeps making things worse for himself every time he opens his mouth. Awkwardly butting into conversations, non-consensually creating the "quad-squad" and hunting for arctic foxes to seemingly no avail - just knock back a few brewskies and take in the surroundings, man.

But that Greg spirit never fades and he's still in the picture, most importantly. He got the invite (debatable) and his name will forever be on that mysterious piece of paper. It always looks like things are going to get worse for Greg the Egg, but something in me thinks he's going to end up landing on his feet at the end of the season.

7. Connor

While the rest of the Roys are gallivanting around the beautiful mountainside retreats of Norway, Connor is back on the ground in the US of A, in a battle of wits with Marcia over Logan's funeral plans. She wants him to wear a kilt and Connor's very stressed about it, understandably. However, he gets "Carte Blanche" from the rest of the sibs to go do what needs doing and that will keep him busy. That's my president.


6. Gerri

Gerri Succession (Photo: HBO)

Gerri was holding firm last week and her position is solid for now. With her name off the kill list, it looks like she's going to be sticking around for the GoJo takeover. Shiv tells Matsson that Gerri would be a good pair of hands for the whole stalker situation with Ebba and a purpose like that is all she needs. Take that, Logan - Gerri's here to stay!


5. Tom

Tom, just like his disgusting brother Greg, is a square peg in a round, IKEA-designed hole in this episode. Trying to get in with Matsson's crew results with some of the cringiest on-screen conversations of the season so far.

However, at the end of the episode Tom finds out his name is not on the kill list and maybe that's all the validation he needs. Signs of the ice thawing between him and Shiv, with the possibility of dinner floated, also ease things for Wambsgans. But Shiv's meeting with Matsson could be an issue going forward, let's just hope she doesn't get a bag of blood in the post.

4. Kendall

You know when you give your younger sibling an unplugged Playstation controller so it looks like their actually playing? That's the situation Kendall finds himself in this week. Yes, he came out covered in glitter and gold as the Matsson offer went public with the board, but the sad reality is that Kendall really didn't have much to do with the deal. In Kill List, the Roy sibling was basically used as the plaything of the Swede and his decisions throughout the episode ultimately came to nothing.


Most people would dust themselves off and take the win, but we know Kendall is hurting. He and Roman are in way over their heads here, and they've just fluked their way to a deal.

3. Roman

(Photo: HBO)

Despite his outburst on top of a Norwegian mountain in front of Matsson, Roman managed to inadvertently smash all expectations and get a very good deal over the line alongside his brother. His little explosion of emotion towards the Swede seems like he might not be as "pre-grieved" as promised and clearly wants someone to take over the reigns. Connor sending him a picture of his father's corpse right before his meeting may also not have helped.

Clearly feeling empty at the end of the episode, it seems like Roman can't even celebrate the enormous victory of selling off Waystar. The addition of ATN in the deal will probably keep him up at night, knowing Logan is turning in his grave at the thought. But hey, you did it kiddo. You're free.

2. Shiv

While the brothers Roy hum and haw over the Matsson deal and try to replicate their dad like two toddlers standing on each other's shoulders dressed in one of his sweaters, Shiv is as decisive as Logan. Without a second of doubt she tells Roman and Kendall to sell off ATN as it's a "toxic asset". She's really not messing around this week.

Also playing into Shiv's hands is her strange budding relationship with Matsson. He clearly shows a fondness for her and opens up to her about his creepy behaviour that may come into play in the next few episodes. She'll keep close to the Swede and remain an important asset - Shiv is playing a smart game here.

1. Lukas

(Photo: HBO)

The Scandinavian tech wiz has everyone in the palm of his hand this week. Matsson seems to just be getting the Roys to fly to his Norwegian villain-style safehouse for the hell of it. He offers the Roy brothers a deal they can't refuse after basically squeezing them into an emotional breakdown - clearly enjoying seeing them squirm to breaking point in a kind of psychotic way.

Even though he comes out on top this week, there's still a moment of weakness which sees him show his vulnerability to Shiv, all while stroking her ego for his benefit. Maybe those litres of blood he sent to his head of comms was a bad idea, but who is to say, really? Will he remain on top for long?

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