JOE's Succession Power Rankings: Honeymoon States 7 months ago

JOE's Succession Power Rankings: Honeymoon States

One piece of paper, so much chaos.

The fallout from last week's bombshell episode is confined to the walls of Logan Roy's Manhattan apartment as the Waystar RoyCo crew gather to try and steer the ship in the right direction. A new era may have arrived, but the Succession power rankings are just as unstable as ever.


This week, the dirty laundry is starting to tumble out amongst the hushed whispers of the sprawling home as we make way for the new joint-CEO's Roman and Kendall. Let's take a look at how the decision to make the two siblings interim CEO's affects the rankings below.

9. Kerry

We thought Kerry had something bad coming for her after last week's episode and, as it turns out, we were sadly correct. Marcia has returned to fill the Logan's-bereaved-partner role and poor Kerry gets absolutely nothing in return for her service except for a bag of returned personal items, which she subsequently drops, and is shown out the back door to her "little apartment". Yikes.

8. Greg


Have you ever been to a party where you don't really know anyone, so you end up awkwardly standing on the periphery of conversations and attempting awkward small-talk, all the while realising that nobody would actually notice if you weren't there at all? That's the situation Greg the Egg finds himself in this week.

However Logan did put a question mark beside his name in the all-important mysterious piece of paper, maybe there's something to work with there. Or maybe it's just a doodle. It's probably just a doodle.

7. Tom

Tom Wambsgans -Succession season 4, episode 4 Photo: HBO

The clumsy interloper, in the words of Karl, has found himself completely isolated from every side of the Waystar board. Making a sheepish play to Gerri and the gang to head up the interim CEO position, old Wamsgans is sent to the back of the line fairly sharpish.

He'll always have Greg, though. And there's a big surprise waiting for him in his next big conversation with Shiv, if she bothers to tell him, that is.

6. Gerri


Topping the leaderboard last week, Gerri has slipped a good bit in the Succession power rankings this week. She's still holding in there but it's clear that there's no easy way to the top for her, if any, at this point. It's a case of making herself important enough to stay in a job from here, and it looks like Gerri's holding firm. For now.

5. Shiv

Shiv is definitely taking Logan's death the worst out of all of the Roy siblings. In this episode, things go from bad to worse for poor Shiv. She first gets an ill-timed call from her doctor to update her on her pregnancy. Yes, her pregnancy. Those pesky writers chucking in a pregnancy storyline this late into the series throws up all sorts of scenarios.

Ultimately in this episode, Shiv has to succumb to the pressures of her brothers becoming the face of Waystar for the time being, but she clearly doesn't trust them to not screw her over. The sibling bond has well and truly ended.

Her fall towards the end of the episode signifies the awful place she currently finds herself in. But, with the GoJo deal looming and pressures on the Roy boys to keep the company afloat - waiting things out for things to go sideways might not be the worst position for her right now. Watch this space.


4. Connor

The least-affected of the Roy siblings and the man who does not need love is presidential candidate and new homeowner, Connor. The elder sib and his new bride Willa swoop in to purchase Logan's suave Manhattan apartment from Marcia for a sweet 63 mill. It's all going great for Connor, who smiles in the face of adversity. And Willa gets a sweet new interior design project to boot.

3. Marcia

Marcia Succession episode 4 Photo: HBO

Walking back into our lives like a ghostly mist, Marcia is using her mysterious objectives to throw a bit more chaos into the final season. Claiming to have spoken to Logan intimately on a daily basis since we last saw her, Marcia single-handedly destroys Kerry in front of everyone and sees herself up a good $63 million in the space of an hour.

Her return could spell danger for Kendall and we're sure there are some more secrets up her sleeve, just waiting to leak out at her will.

2. Roman

Pre-grieved and feeling fine, Roman is surprisingly taking Logan's death rather well considering his proximity to the big man over the last few episodes. He's taking on the joint-CEO position with his bro and things are certainly going in the right direction.

That is until Kendall inevitably screws him over by going behind his back to undermine him completely and destroy his father's name. Oh, that's already happened? Well, they looked like a good team there for about five minutes.

1. Kendall

Kendall Roy - Succession season 4, episode 4 Photo: HBO

Well, Kendall, you got what you wanted. Logan's best boy has finally taken the mantle of (joint) head of Waystar RoyCo. Not in the position ten minutes and he's already stepping on his brother's neck by directing the crafty PR team to secretly muddy Logan's name.

Kendall's seen his name in lights and the bond he has created with his siblings of late has been thrown out the window. The knives are going to be coming out very soon, we think. If we were Kendall, we'd watch out.

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